Monday, February 28, 2011

The Good Thing About Getting My Clothes Cut Off

San Francisco Chronicle
Feb. 21, 2011

Leah Garchik



    Journalist Mary Jo McConahay fell down a flight of concrete steps a few
weeks ago, breaking a variety of bones. Her husband called 9-1-1 and she
was whisked away to San Francisco General, where medical workers began
cutting her clothes off. "Mary Jo stopped them with a plea to not cut the
Giants World Series Champs logo on the T-shirt she was wearing," e-mails
her friend, Dan Hubig. She figured if the shirt had to be cut, at least
she could save the logo and sew it onto another shirt.
  Someone who knew about this story - McConahay is not sure who it was - 
was impressed with her team loyalty and apparently contacted the Giants. 
And, "a few days later," reports Hubig, "a package filled with Giants
memorabilia was delivered ... including the wonderful Lincecum bobble-
head doll. Now that's how to build local support!" The package had a get-
well note on behalf of all the Giants and a "nice old-fashioned hat," said
McConahay, but no T-shirt. "That's OK," she said, "because I've got the
old logo."
  (And in further reward for that loyalty, here's a plug for McConahay's
forthcoming book: "Maya Roads" will be out in August.)