Sunday, January 15, 2012


I just read a jewel of a review for Maya Roads, one of very few published each year by this exciting magazine (and a great read for men, too).  What's curious is that while writing Roads, it never occurred to me it might some day be included in the genre of "Adventure."  Am I ecstatic my book reaches an audience of sports people, risk takers, and extreme travelers? Of course I am! Just as I'm thrilled it's hit #1 in Kindle Travel Literature, and relatively stratospheric levels in Kindle History and Kindle General Non-Fiction, even though in all those months (OK, years) of writing and revisions, often late into the night, my dream was to see the increasing pages someday published between physical covers, on physical shelves, in physical hands.  I've never used the comparison between publishing a book and giving birth to a baby, which might be another blog another day (just as whether the woman I am in Maya Roads is an adventurer is another kind of subject).  Yet in recent months I've seen the book that once was mine alone come to walk on its own legs, take on a life of its own, become different things to different people.  I couldn't wish for more.