Wednesday, May 29, 2019


First there's lots of preparation


Then the parade starts with Low Riders and Quinceañeras

This year's San Francisco Carnaval, the 41st, had the theme, La Cultura Cura, that is, "Culture Cures."  Here is what the organizers said about it on their WEBSITE
"During the civil rights struggles of the 1960s, art and music was used to galvanize and inspire community action, while healing the minds, bodies, and souls of people."  Everybody knows we need some "curing" these days. So the Carnaval is "a social and moral statement to counter the polarized political environment in the U.S. today."  AND IT's REALLY FUN!

There are lots of photo-ops

And lots of chances for selfies 

Tomorrow the people I know in the parade will go back to being an orthopedic surgeon, a day laborer, a lawyer, a trash collector, a data analyst, a student, a teacher, a social worker

But today, it's Carnaval!